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Where to sell dental gold?

Where to sell dental goldYES, you can definitely sell dental gold, gold crowns. However, the value of your return depends on whom you sell your gold crowns to. So where to sell dental gold, and how much are gold crowns worth? Let’s jump into it!

Many dental offices will sell their gold crowns to a “cash buyer” or the person who comes into the office. These individuals will give them a couple hundred dollars for the material, however, it’s worth lot more. This may seem like a lot for this material, but you are getting paid much less than you should be.

Why is that?

Well, a cash buyer is giving you a refund based on their “guesstimate” of the gold value in your gold crowns. The crowns may consist of 14 Karat or even less. These cash buyers will give you money based on the lowest karat amount. This way they can still get their share. It’s impossible to know the exact value of your dental gold without a laboratory. That is why you should collect this material and send to a refinery with an on-site laboratory – like Core Scientific.

Where to sell dental gold to get the highest returns?

If you know the karats of the dental gold you want to sell, you could use our Scrap Gold Calculator. In our experience, we pay 2 to 5 times more than cash buyers, we have seen clients that generated more than 10 times with us than with their cash buyer providers. Cash buyers will never be the best option if you want to get what your gold crowns are worth. Also, if you are generating dental scrap, cash buyers will look only to your gold to give you an estimation, but you may have scrap that contains palladium, which is more valuable than gold and cannot be eyeballed. So how can you know how much are your gold crowns worth? Send it to a direct refinery… but which direct refinery?

Sell your dental gold to a direct refinery that has an in-house laboratory. If you want to get the highest returns, go with a trusted leader in the industry like us, look for transparency (we provide assay reports, a customer portal where you can see pictures of your material, verify weights and track settlements), an in-house laboratory and credibility (check out our reviews, we are also an INC 5,000 company!).


At Core Scientific, we will provide you with the highest return in the industry for your gold crowns.

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