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Precious metal scrap REFINING for jewelry and pawnshop professionals and groups

As an industry leader in precious metals refining, we revolutionized the industry by bringing full transparency, investing in the most cutting-edge refining technologies and techniques, and providing some of the highest competitive returns in the industry.

We work closely with jewelers and pawnshops across North America refining their karat gold, bench sweeps, grindings, shavings, polishing dust, carpets and more. 

What refining methods do you use?

We employ a 3-step state-of-the-art fire assay process that extracts the highest percentage of precious metals from your material. With over a decade of experience, our refining experts meet the highest standards in refining. This allows us to give you the highest most competitive returns in the industry.

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How quickly do you process these materials?

Our secure on-site laboratory allows us to process your material quickly and efficiently. That is why we can provide a 1-day quick turnaround of high-grade material. We strive to get your materials processed quickly and provide detailed information about the status of your order on our web-based customer portal. You can track and view the status of your lots and past lots through the portal.

Do you have flexible payment options?

Yes, we provide a variety of payout options to meet your needs. We can even tailor one for you. To find out more contact us at 866-660-4631.

Do you offer stone removal?

Yes, we do handle stone removal in our secure on-site laboratory. We utilize aqua regia and acid digestion to carefully extract the precious stones from your gold jewelry.



24/7 available online portal where you can:

Verify weights

View photos of your material

Track current and historical settlement records from one or multiple clinics


Corporate Program

Our CORP Program has been specifically designed for large, mid-sized or small multi-location companies

New Revenue Stream: Uncover a revenue stream worth tens or even thousands annually

Monitor Your Program: Easily monitor your entire refining program from the comfort of your home or office with our corporate client portal

HIGH ROI Decision: A HIGH ROI decision with no investment cost but a few minutes of your time



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