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what makes us different from other refiners

Superior Melting Process

In an effort to save time and money, many dental refiners rush the melting process, burning at the highest temperature to melt all metals at once, losing gold and silver in the process (these metals melt at a significantly lower temperature than platinum and palladium).

Core Scientific melts metals using a variable-temperature flame which gives us much greater control.

Superior sampling and assay technology

Core Scientific

We utilize the pin tube sampling method while your metal is still in its molten state, ensuring a 100% homogeneous sample. We then deploy fire assay with ICP and atomic absorption technology, which can measure in parts per billion, ensuring that we are paying for every bit of your precious metal.

Primary Melt

Classic Fire Assay

ICP-MS Plasma

Atomic Absorption

Other Dental Refiners

Many of the leading dental refiners sample the metal by drilling into it after it has been melted and cooled. They then collect the shavings and analyze them using simple X-Ray technology. This process lacks precision and can cost dental practices hundreds or even thousands of dollars annually.

Drill Sample

X-Ray Technology

Does your refiner have an in-house, state-of-the-art laboratory?

Our analysis and melting techniques reflect the highest possible standards for accuracy and consistency.

This is fundamental in our work to reclaim the maximum amount of precious metals for our customers. It helps us maintain our strong record of repeat clients and ensures a long-lasting business relationship.

Our laboratory is equipped with the state of the art technology, including the use of Atomic Absorption Spectroscopy and ICP Mass Spectrometry. We combine these with the tried-and-true fire assay for maximum accuracy.

Core Scientific melts and processes all of your material in our secure, on-site facility. Our laboratory space has capabilities to process small to large lots. This allows us to accommodate all types of clients from various industries including dental, jewelry and crematory. Additionally we are committed to maintenance and safety, which is why all of our equipment is periodically checked for efficiency.




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