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Delivery of the Highest Yields

a Better Analysis means a Greater Return

Core Scientific is committed to providing the dental and jewelry industry with the highest quality precious metals refining service. Our accurate 3-step refining process and on-site laboratory ensures our customers receive the highest most competitive returns for their material. When you work with Core Scientific you can be assured you’re receiving the best customer experience in the industry. That’s why those that work with us, stay with us.

Jewelry Refining

Dental Scrap Refining

#1 Trusted Refinery

Core Scientific is committed to excellence in refining a wide range of precious metals such as gold, silver, and platinum group metals. As an industry leader, we bring our accurate refining process to jewelers, pawn shops, gold buyers, dental offices and other industries – across the nation.  Our success – in the precious metal refining industry – can best be attributed to our exceptional level of detail and unparalleled technical expertise.

Our Unique Process

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We Serve Many Different Industries, such as:
  • Jewelers / Jewelry repair
  • Dental offices
  • Film Labs
  • Dental Laboratories
  • Aerospace
  • Medical Device Manufacturers
  • Pawnshops / Gold buyers / Pawn brokers
  • Technology & Computers
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83% of customers strongly recommend our service to colleagues and friends, 90% of customers are satisfied with our service, over 85% are very likely to send in their material again based on the high return they received.”