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After decades of experience in the precious metals industry, we started Core Scientific to bring transparency to the industry. We were shocked to discover that some of the biggest names in industry were retaining huge margins with no transparency behind their refining practices or how they arrived at their final figures. We set out to change the way refining results are communicated and invested heavily in the most cutting-edge refining technologies to ensure not only the highest yields and most accurate analysis, but also the most straight forward and transparent communication of this information to our clients. This heightened level of transparency has made us a top choice for industry leaders all across North America including multiple publicly traded companies and large group practices. We look forward to serving your business and helping you get the most out of your scrap refining program.

Core Scientific is committed to excellence in refining a wide range of precious metals such as gold, silver, and platinum group metals.


As an industry leader, we bring our accurate refining process to jewelers, pawn shops, gold buyersdental offices and other industries – across the nation.

Our continued success – in the precious metal refining industry – can best be attributed to our exceptional level of detail and unparalleled technical expertise.

Core Scientific understands the need to earn and keep your trust. That is why we are dedicated to superior customer service and higher returns than our competitors.

To insure you are satisfied with our service, Core Scientific has assembled the best sales and customer associates in the industry. They will guide you throughout the process from scheduling the shipment of your container to quickly processing your return.

Superior Service To Meet Your Needs


Core Scientific is committed to providing the dental and jewelry industry with the highest quality precious metals refining service in the business. Our precious metals refining process and melting techniques reflect the highest possible standards for accuracy and consistency. When you send your scrap material to Core Scientific, you are getting a modernized in-house laboratory dedicated to getting you the highest return possible. In fact, we truly believe that when you refine with us, you receive more money than with your current refiner.

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