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Dental scrap refining – How to find the best dental refiner

What is dental scrap refining?

First of all, before talking about dental scrap refining and how to choose the best dental scrap refiner, if you are not sure about what dental scrap is, you might be interested in checking out this article where we cover the subject.

Dental scrap refining is basically the process of melting the precious metals that are part of dental scrap to separate them from the other non-valuable elements. In this way, they can be recovered and reused, or resold to gain a profit.

looking for the best dental scrap refiner?

What is dental Refiner?

In this case, a dental refiner is nothing more than a precious metal refiner that is specialized in dental scrap refining. For example, Core Scientific is the best dental scrap refiner in North America, we are a precious metal refinery but specialized in dental scrap refining having a dedicated team for the industry and an in-house laboratory.

Type of dental scrap to send to a dental refiner:

  • Porcelain fused to metal
  • Porcelain fused to gold
  • Extractions with inlays and onlays
  • Precious metal crowns and bridges
  • Yellow gold partials
  • Buttons, wire, clasps

Dental scrap that is not accepted: amalgam pellets (contain mercury), traps, x-ray backing (lead), separators, partials (non-precious alloy), instruments, non-metallic scrap.

dental scrap refining

If your dental scrap isn’t on this list and you are not sure if it can be recycled, don’t worry. You can send it anyway, and our professionals will examine it and determine its value.

How to find the best dental refiner.

All precious metal refineries will tell you that they refine dental scrap, but not many of them are specialized in this niche. For your convenience, you might want to work with a dental refiner specialist, who you know can do the job correctly and recover the most precious metals out of your dental scrap.

Core Scientific is a specialized dental refiner. We are the leader in the industry, providing the highest returns. The thousands of dental offices across North America that trust us for all their dental scrap metal recycling needs are proof that we offer a superior service to our customers, who usually experience an increase in their return up to 300% with respect to their previous refiners.

We found several problems in the industry when we first started the company in 2012. Most dental offices were underpaid by their refining suppliers, with these scenarios being the most common:

First, dental professionals were selling their dental scrap to a cash buyer on the spot who presented at their offices and paid, for example, $200 for a jar full of dental scrap, which has an actual value between $1,000 and $10,000. These cash buyers would then go to a dental refinery and gain the difference in price, the dentists earning 20% of the value in the best case.

Second, some refineries worked directly with the dental offices and paid slightly more to earn their business, but then did a similar practice as cash buyers, knowing that the margin was huge between what they paid and the actual value of the scrap, but they kept that information from the customers and got the most profit.

The third scenario was that palladium was being left out of the picture for refining. It can’t be recognized by the naked eye, so cash buyers would tell dentists that they pay only for metals containing yellow gold, and direct refiners didn’t provide palladium results or they hid the content they found, so they both made a huge earning from it without dentists even knowing the value of their scrap. Even worse, because they were badly advised by their suppliers, dental offices would throw away precious pieces of palladium because it looks like every other metal, and they would think it was titanium or steel, which don’t have market value. Palladium has been one of the most used metals for implants, most PFM and dental alloys have it, so dental professionals were losing a great deal of money.

When we found out about these situations, we knew we wanted to make a difference in this industry. That’s why full transparency is our main principle as refiners, and it is also the reason why we’ve been growing so fast as a company. We are an INC 5,000 company, one of the growing private companies in the United States.
We are also Summit Sponsors and the Official Dental Refinery of the American Association of Dental Office Management, meaning we are the only refinery recommended by AADOM.

As part of maintaining this full transparency, we make sure to provide you with a full assay report of your dental scrap after refining it, where you can see how much of each precious metal we found and how much we pay for each of them. We are also the only precious metal refinery that provides a 24/7 customer portal where you can control the weight and pictures of your material, and track all historical settlement records.

We are a dental refinery, with a division specialized in dental scrap refining.

If you are ready to start refining dental scrap with us, get in touch! We will be glad to assist you and start the process.

looking for the best dental scrap refiner?

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