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Scrap Refining for dental laboratories

We specialize in refining lightweight material like vacuum bags, carpets, sweeps and grindings from dental labs. Most refiners simply incinerate this material prior to melting it down in their furnace. While this may seem like a proper refining technique, it allows for a significant amount of lightweight precious metal to escape into the refinery’s exhaust system resulting in significantly reduced yields and payments. The refiner will cash in 6 months down the road when they clean out the filter bags from their exhaust system. 

At Core Scientific, we do it the right way. We have a specialized and proprietary process for processing lightweight materials from labs. Our process utilizes a piece of equipment called an atomizer which keeps your entire sample contained. Even the lightest speck of metal flake will have no chance of escaping the atomizer. This results in the maximum yield and payment going back to our customers.

Many of our lab customers have provided feedback stating that their returns more than doubled after switching to Core Scientific. We attribute this increase largely to our ability to maximize yields from the light-weight materials.

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