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Here you can find all live karat gold prices per pennyweight

Simply add the live market value of gold displayed below in the field “Gold Market Price Today Per Ounce.”

We created a table with all karat gold prices per pennyweights that are relevant! We hope you will enjoy it. Now, if you are looking for 14k gold price per pennyweight, you don’t have to go to a calculator or try to figure it out, you can bookmark this page and have it always available with live pennyweight gold prices!

How do we calculate the karat gold prices per pennyweights? Let’s say you want to know what is today’s 10k gold price per pennyweight, then we calculate the pennyweight gold value and apply the purity of 10k gold, which is 41%.

If you wanted to understand our process and the different purity percentages we use to calculate today’s karat gold prices per pennyweight, we recommend you to visit our karat calculator.

Also, if you are interested in seeing different karat gold prices in different weights, look at our karat gold price page. You will be able to easily move from pennyweights to other options like ounces or grams. If you work with pennyweights, bookmark this page! Feel free to reach out to us if you see any issues!

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