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Dental Gold value

How much is dental gold worth?

Many people wonder about the value of their dental gold, and some even wonder if dental gold is real gold or if it’s worth something. In this article, we hope to clarify your doubts.

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Is dental gold real gold?

The straightforward answer is yes, dental gold is real gold. However, the amount of gold can vary a lot. Typically, dental gold consists of anywhere from 10 to 22 karats of gold, and it is mixed with other metals, precious or not, to make the alloy stronger and more resistant to the mouth environment.

How much is dental gold worth?

The value of your dental gold is only based on its content of precious metals. This varies according to the weight and the purity of the gold, or other noble metals present. Determining the karat of the used gold can be a tricky thing, and esteeming a value is even more difficult given that most dental gold is made of an alloy containing other metals (such as platinum, palladium, and/or silver), which could be worth more or less than gold itself.

So how do gold buyers determine dental gold value? This depends on the buyer you are choosing. If you chose to sell your scrap dental gold to “cash buyers” that give you money on the spot, they will just do an estimated guess of its price and subtract their commission. The truth is that they don’t know the actual value, and your dental scrap could be worth a lot more.

Instead, if you send your materials to a dental refiner, they will melt the precious metals and actually test their content and purity, so you will get paid for the real value of your dental gold. Learn more about dental scrap recycling here.

If you know the weight and the karat of your dental gold, you can get an estimated price using our karat gold calculator.

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Looking for the best dental scrap refinery?



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