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What is dental scrap? Everything about dental scrap Metal recycling

Dental scrap is every material left over after a dentist’s intervention. Yet, there is an important distinction to make here: usually, when we talk about dental scrap, we are talking about dental scrap metal that contains precious metals that can be recycled and refined, with a value that’s higher than the cost of this process. That means that you cannot send all kinds of dental implants to recycle because some are just not worth it. Dental scrap metal recycling is a great way to generate passive revenue and help the environment!

Dental practices and dental labs generate a variety of dental scrap metal that can be more or less valuable according to the content of precious metals. Let’s see which ones contain the most.

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Precious metals in dental scrap

Old pieces of dental scrap used to contain a greater quantity of precious metals, but with the advances in dental technology, the use of these elements has been decreasing in recent years.

So, the items that are worth the most because of their noble metal quantities are old yellow-gold implants, crowns, bridges, fillings, inlays, and overlays.

All dental scrap metal that contain white gold or silver-colored metals can be very valuable because they can have a high gold composition or even platinum and palladium. 

Porcelain fused to metal (PFM) and porcelain fused to gold (PFG) crowns have less metal but can be recycled as well.

But even the smallest amounts of precious metals can be recovered, like the granules from floor and bench sweeps, carpeting, and vacuum bags and filters, mostly from dental laboratories. If you are interested in dental scrap metal recycling, the best thing you can do is to contact us, we help you get started and provide you guidelines to recover more dental scrap metal and generate higher returns!

Why you should recycle dental scrap metal

  • Generate passive income: If you have a dental office or a dental lab, and you are not yet recycling your dental scrap, you might be losing a great deal of money. The average dental office generates nearly $3,000 per year, and dental group practices can make up to $10,000 annually. If you work with the correct dental refiner, you’ll be sure to get the most out of your materials.
  • Help the environment: Dental scrap metal recycling is good for the environment. All mining processes for noble metals are contaminating and dangerous, so the more you recycle, the less mining there will be, and the more sustainable your practice will become. Besides, the cost of recycling dental materials is a fraction of the cost of mining the metals. Helping the environment is not just good for everyone, but it also gives you a great reputation among your patients.

Dental scrap recycling with a direct refinery

If you are looking for a dental scrap metal recycling company, going with a direct refiner is always the best choice. Many dental professionals are underpaid because they are selling their dental scrap to a middleman. These agents retain most of the value of the dental scrap recycling process and pay very little to the offices that produced them.

Also, when working with a direct dental refiner, you can make sure they meet all your requirements. You should look for a company that has transparency with its clients, uses the right process technologies, is environmentally friendly, and has an in-house laboratory to test the results of the refining.

Core Scientific is the leader in dental scrap metal recycling in North America. We are a direct precious metal refinery specialized in dental scrap refining that will provide you with the highest return in the industry.  We are an INC 5,000 company, one of the fastest private-growing companies in the USA, and we got this far with a simple concept: transparency and putting you first. We are EPA compliant and very proud of our in-house laboratory, which lowers the times of production and fees. You will get paid sooner and 2 to 5 times more than other providers! 

We use the latest technologies to process your dental scrap metal, so you can be sure to get the most out of its value, and we provide you with our exclusive customer portal so you can track your material at every stage, see pictures, verify weights, and access assay reports.

If you want to get started, contact us! We’ll send you a container, and you can start collecting your dental scrap to generate money.

looking for the best dental scrap refinery?



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