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Environmental Dentist

how to turn your practice into a more sustainable dental office

In today’s world, sustainable and “green” practices are becoming common and more influential. Research shows that 70% of the US population choose to buy from environmentally friendly corporations, and this data can’t be ignored by the dental industry. Environmental dentists are in high demand, and some are wondering how to turn their practices into a more sustainable dental office.

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How can you become an environmental dentist?

Environmental dentistry can help eliminate the dangerous effects of this practice on the ecosystem. When a dental professional starts using biologically supportable resources for his practice, he is contributing to diminishing toxic waste, recycling objects, and saving energy. Not only this, but going green can also revolutionize the dental practice, making it more effective and attractive to patients.

Here are some ways by which a dentist can turn towards environmental dentistry:

Installing amalgam separators: One of the chief environmental problems regarding dentistry is mercury pollution. Mercury is included among the chemicals used in dental blends to fix metals together. Verifying that your dental metal mixture waste doesn’t contain mercury is quite easy. Environmental dentistry focuses on the installation of amalgam separators. As the name indicates, amalgam separators sieve out the hazardous waste components from metal mixtures. Also, this equipment is required by law in the US.

Proper handling of metal waste: We must make an important distinction between dental scrap and amalgam waste. Amalgam waste is all dental residue that contains this compound such as capture devices, sludge, contact amalgam, and amalgam capsules; dental scrap consists of dental appliances like crowns, bridges, and PFMs that contain precious metals. Both of these types of metal waste can be recycled, but the task is performed by different kinds of recyclers. The first one being hazardous waste needs to be securely contained and sent to an amalgam recycling facility that charges you to handle it. Dental scrap needs to be refined by a precious metal refinery like Core Scientific, which will pay you for the materials. Dentistry staff should be trained to classify and separate these metal wastes.

Recycling of paper and plastic: This is a kind of waste that every office generates, and it’s not specific to the dental sector. You can help the environment by including this recycling habit in your practice, and fortunately, there are many local recycling centers all across the country. However, the best thing you can aim to do is reduce or directly eliminate the use of plastic and paper. Sending digital appointment reminders to patients, using re-usable or biodegradable cups, and changing plastic bags to recycled paper bags are some options to implement.

Environmental dentistry can actually generate an income

Environmental dentistry is not only about investing in recyclable items to protect the environment. It is also very profitable because it makes your dental practice less expensive to maintain. Disposable items such as suction tips and paper towels make you spend an extra $2,000 every year. That means converting your setup to a green dental clinic is not only a sustainable but also an inexpensive solution.

And most importantly, as we shortly mentioned before, you can make an extra profit by recycling! Dental scrap recycling is an eco-friendly task that can create a passive income for your business. Our clients generate between $1,000 and $10,000 a year just by sending us their materials. We refine the dental scrap and make a very accurate assay to determine the content of precious metals, and then we pay our customers in consequence.

At Core Scientific, we provide our clients with a return 2 to 5 times higher than the rest of dental refiners because we invest in the latest processing and assay technologies to recover most metal and pay you accordingly. We are also committed to our 100% transparency policy, sending you a detailed report of every refining process, and we are the only refinery that provides you with a 24/7 customer portal where you can check the status of your materials, weights, and pictures at every moment.

Ready to become a more environmental dentist and recycle your dental scrap? Request a container now, or get in touch with us to get more info.

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