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Dental Instrument Recycling

Numerous disposable items in the dental office, like gloves and masks, cannot be recycled. But dental offices should take notice of different tools, instruments, and containers that can be recycled. Dental instrument recycling is an essential part of any green dental office, and it is generally a good practice for every clinic.

Recyclable materials and dental instruments include plastic cups, surgical tools, seat covers, armrests, etc. These instruments should be disposed of in an isolated bin for transportation to recycling plants. Dental instruments mostly include the surgical instruments and sharps that are used during treatment and operations of oral skin. 

With time, these tools can no longer be used because their tips break, or they become too thin to sharpen. Most of these tools are made of metals and plastic. Metal tools, if thrown away as trash, can cause heavy metal contamination in land and water bodies. To keep the environment green, these tools and instruments must be sent to the recycling units. They can be recycled easily and repurposed after processing.

What about recycling dental office equipment?

Dental offices usually have containers filled with old equipment that may be inoperative or outdated. They also need to keep upgrading several types of equipment over time.  

Dental clinics bring advancement in dental equipment for different reasons, to improve efficiency or to amaze the patients with technology. If you have discarded different types of equipment in your dental office that are outdated or broken, consider sending these used items to recycling companies. Things such as broken chair parts, X-ray or printing machines, plastic containers, or sterilization units should be recycled and reused to reduce waste material in the environment.

At the same time, if you are interested in becoming an environmental dentist, a new best practice is to update your dental office equipment with eco-efficient appliances. For example, buying nontoxic and sustainable furniture, updating your light bulbs to energy-efficient light bulbs with motion sensors, and using digital billing, charting, and x-ray software.

What Happens to Non-degradable Plastic Items?

The life cycle of a common plastic product hugely affects the sustainability of the environment. Used plastic products and containers are thrown away as waste, burned in piles, or dumped into water bodies. Plastic is one of the main causes of water and air pollution. When it burns, it releases harmful chemicals, and when it flows in water, it kills the marine environment. When thrown on land, plastic leaches chemicals gradually.

Moreover, it has also become a part of the food chain. Tiny pieces of plastic are ingested by aquatic animals. Ingesting plastic waste leads to metabolic disorders, such as disruption of the human endocrine system, obesity, and infertility. But if this plastic is recycled properly and converted into biodegradable plastic, we can save the environment from pollution.

Follow these few simple steps to decrease dental office waste. It is important to learn which items used in the dental clinic can be recycled and how. Many other kinds of waste can be recycled in a dental clinic, like for example dental scrap.

Dental scrap recycling not only benefits the environment by avoiding contamination on land fields, but it also can produce a passive income for your office! When you send your dental scrap to recycle with a specialized dental refiner, like Core Scientific, you can earn from $1,000 to $10,000 a year, because of the precious metals this waste contains that can be recovered.

The important thing is to work with a qualified refinery. Core Scientific is the leading dental scrap refinery in the US, providing our customers with the highest return in the industry. We are an INC 5,000 company, one of the fastest private-growing companies in the USA, and we got this far with a simple concept: transparency and putting you first. We use the latest technologies to process your dental scrap metal, so you can be sure to get the most out of its value, and we provide you with our exclusive customer portal so you can track your material at every stage, see pictures, verify weights, and access assay reports.

You can request a free container now to collect your dental scrap and start making a profit, or you can contact us if you have any questions.

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