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Choose A Refiner with an on-site laboratory.

This may come as a shock…. but a lot of “refiners” send your material out to another refinery (like us), with an in-house laboratory, to be processed. Simply, having “refinery” in their company name doesn’t mean they have an on-site laboratory.

Now that the shock has worn off!

Why should you check to make sure your refiner has an on-site laboratory?

There are a variety of reasons why:

  • You get a higher return. Many refiners have a processing fee or charge that go against your return. By having an on-site laboratory to process your material, refiners can eliminate or reduce these charges. This puts more money back in your pocket.
  • Your material is safe and secure. Your material is more secure when there is only one destination point. I heard many of our customers say that their material was lost after it was shipped to the laboratory (off-site).
  • An expert lab technician is working on your material. It’s important that an on-site lab technician is working on your material and communicating any necessary information to you in real-time. This is an added benefit for you.

Work with a refinery that has a state-of-the-art, in-house laboratory. Contact us today to learn more about Core Scientific.

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