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Your Porcelain Fused to Metal May be Very Valuable


Do you have collections of porcelain fused to metal?  They may be very valuable.

Although Porcelain has no metal in it, it is being used to veneer an alloy that contains gold, silver, palladium or platinum.

And since there are as many dental labs out there, as there are ways to lose a tooth, there are many metal combinations being manufactured.  A refiner can’t tell you, for sure, what precious metals are in a porcelain-fused alloy without refining them.

A refiner can melt down and remove the non-metal material. From that process comes an ingot (a solid bar) of metals. After this we use a chemical processes to recover each precious metal, one by one.  It’s fun.

Keep your porcelain-fused materials, in a collection separate from your PRECIOUS METAL EXTRACTIONS?  Some of what you send to your refiner will be base metals. And some of it will be gold, silver, palladium, and sometime platinum.

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