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Precious metal recycling

Everything you need to know about recycling precious metals

As a leader in the precious metal recycling industry in North America, you have come to the right place to learn everything about precious metal recycling. We are going to give you a complete guide, how the process works, and how to get started.

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Can precious metals be recycled?

First of all, let us make it clear that precious metals can be recycled; actually, they can be recovered and recycled over and over again without changing their properties. Precious metal recycling is the way to preserve and exploit precious metals using way less energy and causing less pollution in comparison to mine extraction of new materials.

How are precious metals recycled?

Precious metal recycling consists of collecting scrap metals that contain precious metals and precious metal refining, the process where the precious metals are separated.

If you want to know the full process of precious metal refining, you can check out this article where we explain how precious metal refineries work.

In short, after collecting scrap metals, you send them to a refinery like us, then these metals are melted, or chemically separated from their alloys, to recover their pure forms. We analyze the amount of precious metals and pay you for recycling based on the current market price.

Where can I find scrap precious metals?

If you want to start recycling precious metals, you can find them in jewelry and jewelry scrap, dental scrap, post-cremation implants, electronic devices, catalytic converters, ep catheters, x-ray film, coins, sweeps, and industrial residues.

If you have another type of scrap that you think can contain precious metals but you are not sure, please get in touch with us. We will be happy to help you identify if your scrap is valuable and assist you in how to start recycling and earning money.

Interesting data about precious metal recycling

Environmentally talking, recycling precious metals from high-value scrap, like dental scrap, implants, jewelry scrap, and medical devices, is 300 times better than electronic scrap recycling and mining, in terms of energy demand and global-warming potential.

Still, recycling precious metals from electronic scrap is better than mining, and statistics show that approximately $10bn worth of gold, platinum, and other precious metals in electronic waste are dumped every year, polluting the planet.

However, electronic waste and high-value scrap together only represent 26% of the global precious metal supply.

Precious metal recycling – How to sell your material?

This might be one of the most interesting steps because you can make good money by recycling precious metals. If you are recycling precious metals, you need to choose the right precious metal refinery to send your scrap metals to get the highest possible returns. 

The process of precious metal refining is delicate and should be done by experienced professionals, who also do the right assay to assure that you are being paid properly. Core Scientific is the leader in the precious metal refining industry. As leaders in this sector, we provide the highest returns to our customers and the most transparency. You can learn more about our unique process here.

We are an INC 5,000 company, one of the fastest private-growing companies in the US, and we got this far by putting you first and providing full transparency in our process. We will send you recycling containers for free, covering all shipping costs. When we receive your material, will provide you access to our customer portal where you verify weights, pictures of your material, assay reports, and track your settlements.

As a direct refinery, using the latest refining technologies and techniques, we guarantee the highest yields and provide the highest returns in the industry.

If you are ready to start recycling your precious metals, get in touch with us! We will be glad to hear from you and guide you through the whole process.

Looking for the best precious metal refinery?



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