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Precious Metal Refining Companies

Looking for precious metal refining companies? You might have found that there are many precious metal refining companies out there offering their services and promising that they will pay you the most in the industry. The truth is that no matter how good it might sound, not all of them live up to their promises. 

looking for the best precious metal refinery?

We found that many precious metal refining companies retain huge margins and pay their clients much less than they deserve. Some companies that call themselves precious metal refining companies are actually not even refineries, just intermediaries that buy the scrap metal for cash on the spot, and then send it to be refined, keeping the majority of the profit.

In an industry that lacks transparency, it can be difficult to decide which refiner to go with. To help you, here we list the things that you should think about when selecting precious metal refining companies.

What to look for when choosing a precious metal refining company

Direct refiner

As we mentioned before, many precious metal refinery companies are actually not refineries but companies that behave as the middleman. Working with a direct precious metal refinery and cutting off the middleman means that you will make more money from your scrap recycling. These middleman can keep up to 70% of the value of your scrap, whilst working directly with a precious metal refinery means that you earn 95% or more of its price.


One of the biggest issues we found in the precious metal recycling industry was transparency, and that is one of the reasons why we founded Core Scientific. When you need to choose a precious metal refinery company to work with, transparency is a must. In our case, we are the only precious metal refinery company that provides a customer portal available online 24/7 where you can track our process, verify weights of your material, see pictures, access assay reports and settlements!

Refining and analysis technologies

To get the highest returns out of your scrap metals, make sure to check the methods the company uses to process and analyze the materials. Not all precious metal refining companies use the latest technologies and techniques. For example, most will use drill sampling vs tube sampling, when pin tube sampling is quite more accurate. This is just one of the many steps of the refining process where a precious metal refining company like Core Scientific beats competitors by generating higher yields, therefore, generating higher returns on your material.

Environmental choice

This is a significant thing to consider that is connected to multiple factors: precious metal refining companies that use techniques that pollute, accuracy of their process and yield or precious metals recovered from their process. The act of recycling precious metals is alone helping the environment, but when you choose a precious metal refining company, go with the one that generates the highest yields which means that more materials are recovered, more money for you, and better for the environment!

Credibility in precious metal refining companies

For example, Core Scientific is an INC 5,000 company, one of the fastest private-growing companies in the US. We are the leaders in precious metal refining and the reason why we have been growing so fast is because of our simple concept of putting clients first and providing full transparency. We are committed to excellence when refining precious metals, and we gained a badge related to it. Also, look for online reviews, specially from companies and not individuals.

Serious customer service

It’s important to deal with someone who cares about your business and knows what is going on with your material.


Look for a company that has vast experience in the industry, a good trajectory, and expert professionals.

Free shipment

Some companies make you pay for the shipment of your goods and some don’t. Working with a refinery that pays for the shipping services is a virtue.

In-house laboratory

This is an advantage because it reduces the fees for outsourcing the tests and the waiting time.

Highest Return

All the things on this list sum up to you getting the most convenient service and the highest return for your precious metals.

What is the best precious metal refining company

Now, we know there are a lot of precious metal refining companies out there, but obviously we think we are the best one in North America.

If you want to work with the leader of the precious metal refining industry, Core Scientific offers you a top-of-the-range service. We hold ourselves to the highest standards of refining, analysis, and environmental care. We are a direct refiner with an in-house laboratory and vast experience with a variety of industries. Our unique process guarantees that you will get the highest return possible for your precious metals, and our online portal provides you with all the analytical data and allows you to see your shipment at every step of the process, giving you complete transparency and traceability. We also have the backup of our client’s reviews, and they are always very happy with our work.

Contact us today and get a free container. We cover all shipping costs!

looking for the best precious metal refinery?



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