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Precious metals such as gold, silver, palladium and platinum, were regularly used in dental crowns. However this practice has decreased due to advancements in technology.

dental scrap, dental fillingsToday Dentists are noticing a rise in dental crown extractions as they reach their life expectancy. This provides dentists with a unique opportunity to recycle, and sell these precious metals. Currently only a small percentage of dentists are taking advantage of this. Dental crowns contain three to four precious alloys in varying amounts. These dental crowns can be recycled and sold to a refinery, and then receive a monetary return based on weight and current market value.

There’s also a concern for the environmental impact. These dental crowns used to be thrown away, ending up in landfills, and lost forever. DentistryIQ.com puts it simply, “It is far more costly on our wallets and environment to mine an ounce of gold than it is to recycle it.”

Recycling your dental crown scrap is as easy as collecting and shipping it.

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