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Platinum Scrap Price – How Much Is Platinum Scrap Worth?

If you want to know the platinum scrap price today, we created a platinum scrap price calculator, with platinum live prices where you can add the purity of your platinum scrap to find out the estimated platinum scrap price today. Everything depends on your scrap metals. If you have doubts about the platinum purity of your platinum scrap, the best way to get the most value is by sending it to a direct refinery to process the scrap and get the actual value. Our platinum scrap price calculator was created to offer an estimation, but is during the refining process where we will find out the content of your scrap and its purity.

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Where Can You Find Platinum scrap?

Platinum has multiple applications these days, so here are some examples of where you can find scrap platinum: jewelry, catalytic converters, dental scrap, ep catheters, electrical contacts and electrodes, oxygen sensors, used laboratory testing equipment.

Often, platinum gets ignored because it can look a lot like both silver and white gold, but its price is quite higher. If you have some scrap but you are not sure if it actually contains platinum, you should send it in to a precious metal refinery to test anyway. Core Scientific is the leader in platinum refining, and we would be happy to help you with your scrap recycling. Get in touch with us and start earning money for your precious metal scrap.

How to Sell Scrap Platinum

Selling scrap platinum is pretty easy these days; you just have to contact a precious metal refinery to send in your scrap. They will give you the details to send it, or in our case, send you a free container with a free shipping label. The complicated thing is to choose the right platinum refinery to get the most out of your scrap. To find out the exact platinum scrap price of your metals, you should go with a direct refinery with credibility and that displays their refining process and full transparency.

Be aware of companies providing you a platinum scrap price before refining your materials. These companies are usually middlemen that will pay you much less of what your material is worth, and get a margin when sending it to a direct refinery like us.  A reliable refinery may be able to estimate the potential platinum scrap price of your lot if you have enough information to do that, but will not compromise until they have processed the material. In our case, our process allows us to generate the highest yields in the industry, meaning that we recover the most precious metals from your scrap, therefore being able to pay you more and provide the most accurate platinum scrap price.

If you want to work with a reliable precious metal refiner specialized in platinum refinery to give you the highest returns on your platinum scrap, Core Scientific is the leader in the precious metal refining industry, recognized as an INC 5,000 company, one of the fastest-growing private companies in North America. We have come this far by following one simple principle: full transparency and putting our customers first. Learn more about our company here.

If you are ready to start recycling your platinum scrap, request a free container or get in touch with us!

Looking for the best platinum refinery?



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