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Platinum refinery – Platinum recycling

Before we get started with what a platinum refinery and the process of platinum recycling are, first, we should review some things about platinum. 

Platinum is the most scarce precious metal, yet it is one of the most useful and appreciated. And we are not just talking about platinum jewelry: its many uses go from platinum-based drugs for cancer treatments to reducing harmful emissions on cars, through a variety of purposes that include cosmetic use, petroleum refining, dental work, electronics, and many more.

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So, What is a platinum refinery?

Platinum refineries are companies that collect your scrap metals and refine them to separate the platinum from other precious metals, giving you back a profit for the valuable elements they recover. A platinum refinery is also a precious metal refinery. In our case, Core Scientific is a precious metal refinery with multiple specializations, including platinum refining. 

If you want to know more about the way a precious metal refinery works, check this article where we explain every step.

Platinum Recycling

Platinum recycling is the process of recycling and refining platinum. Mining platinum is very long and expensive, not to mention all the environmental side effects of mining. So, the more of this material we can recycle, refine, and reuse, the better.

Platinum refineries offer an economical and environmentally safe recovery of this noble metal while also recycling the scrap that would otherwise go wasted; this way, you recycle platinum and help the environment and protect the future of this limited natural resource.

Refining platinum is a difficult thing. For this reason, you should be very careful about the refinery you choose to work with. Next, we will review what to look for when choosing a platinum refinery.

Choose the best platinum refinery for platinum recycling

If you are interested in recycling platinum, you should select a platinum refinery that reunites the following characteristics:

Direct refiner: Making sure that you are dealing with a Direct Refiner, and not a middleman, only benefits you. Intermediaries usually take up to 70% of the profit from the process. On the other hand, if you work with a direct refinery like Core Scientific, you get 95% or more of the value of your scrap.

Environmentally safe: Check that you are working with a company that takes the environmental issue seriously. As we’ve mentioned earlier, the process of platinum recycling can be very harmful to the environment, so verifying that your supplier complies with the corresponding norms is important. Core Scientific is EPA compliant and holds a high standard of environmentally friendly rules.

Transparent: It’s convenient to work with a refinery that provides you with complete transparency and traceability during the whole process of your scrap. Some companies charge you fees that are not clear or pay you a fraction of the actual value of your materials. With Core Scientific, you are sure to get the Highest Return in the industry, and we provide you with a unique Customer Portal to track your materials at all stages, from the shipment to the processing, all the way to the payment, and you can control the platform 24/7.

Process and refining technologies: These are two important aspects to consider because they guarantee that you will get the most out of your scrap recycling. Some companies use processes that are quicker but lose a lot of precious metals, and some use assay methods that are not accurate enough to assure that you will be fairly paid. At Core Scientific, we use cutting-edge technologies on both our processes and assay methods to ensure the best results for each lot.

If you want to know more about refining with Core Scientific, click here. We would love to hear from you!

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