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Gold recycling

Gold recycling had a boom recently with the rise of gold prices and the global situation. There is not much information out there on how to recycle gold, so we prepared this guide to help you and to give you all the info you might need.

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Is gold recyclable?

This might be the first question that comes to your mind. And the answer is yes, gold is 100% recyclable. In fact, all precious metals can be recycled, because they are noble metals and can be recovered multiple times without losing any of their properties.

Is it profitable to recycle gold?

To answer this, you need to know that there are two main sources of recyclable gold:

  • The first one, high-value scrap gold, comes from jewelry, dental scrap, and gold coins. It represents 90% of the supply of recycled gold.
  • The second is electronic and industrial scrap gold, which is harder to recover and the gold quality is lower, so the profitability is inferior.

If you have some scrap gold laying around, you can know the estimated price by using our scrap gold calculator. You just need to know the weight and its karat.

But what exactly is gold recycling?

Gold recycling is the process of melting and/or chemically dissolving gold to separate it from other metals or non-valuable materials. In this way, you can recover gold in its purest form and re-insert it on the market.

This process is called gold refining, and it happens in a gold refinery. You can learn more about how gold refineries work in this article.

Why is gold recycled?

Mainly, because it is a finite resource. There’s still some gold to mine out there, but discoveries of new gold mines have diminished in the past years.

On the other hand, the gold recycling process is energetically and economically more efficient than gold mining. Gold recycling is an environmentally friendly choice.

Where to recycle gold?

As we mentioned before, gold is recycled in gold refineries, which are by definition precious metal refineries. We are a precious metal refinery specialized in gold refining and gold recycling, with an in-house laboratory and a team that uses the latest processes and techniques to refine gold. Learn more about gold refineries here. If you want to know more about selecting the best precious metal refining company, check out this article

If you are ready to start recycling your gold, Core Scientific is the leader gold refinery in North America. We provide the highest return to our customers, and we are 100% committed to transparency and traceability. Contact us to start earning money for your gold.

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