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Gold refineries in Florida

Florida, known for its beautiful beaches and wonderful warm weather, is also called the Sunshine State, but we know that not everything that shines is gold. Unfortunately for Florida, there haven’t been any gold discoveries in this state, given that its particular geology is almost entirely composed of limestone. So it is not surprising that gold refineries in Florida are not a specialty.

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But there are other ways Florida gets to enjoy gold. The jewelry and gold market is growing and is expected to arrive at 292 billion dollars by 2025, and Florida will have a lot of concentration of this growing market. There is even a popular trend in Florida of beach treasure-hunters, who go around searching for lost gold jewelry that tourists are always losing on the beaches.

With 1,001 pawnshops, Florida is the state with the most pawnbrokers in the United States. But with all these local shops buying jewelry and gold, do you ever wonder where all these precious metals go? Gold refineries in Florida might be an option, but are they really the best choice?

To save you some time, we did the research on the best gold refineries in Florida. Here are the top results:

  • Orlando Gold Refinery, 5.0 stars and 6 Google reviews
  • Gold Refiners, no reviews
  • Gold & Silver Refinery, 2.4 stars and 7 Google reviews
  • BMX Metals, 4.0 stars and 4 Google reviews
  • Kaloti Metals & Logistics, 4.3 stars and 10 Google reviews

You can see that some of these have a good star average, yet they all have few or no reviews. A reputable refiner would have a good number of reviews with a strong star rating, like Core Scientific, who holds 4.6 stars with 43 reviews. If you want to learn more about what to look for in a gold refinery, check these resources:

If you are in Florida, a gold refinery in Florida might feel like the option to go to, but the reality is that working with a national leader of gold refining, such as Core Scientific, will bring you the most benefits. Insured free shipments, the highest returns in the market, and a customer portal to keep track of your materials are just a few of those benefits. 

You can get a free consultation now to start working with the leader of gold refineries.

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