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6 Tips for Dental Office Management

Proper dental office management is key to maintaining an efficient dental practice. While dentists and dental care are at the heart of any dental clinic, dental office management and managers are what make the whole business run. The procedures and strategies needed to operate a dental office go way beyond front desk administration and replenishing supplies.

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The tasks of a dental manager cover many areas, from managing the clinic’s financials to scheduling appointments, supervising staff, managing insurance, taking care of customer relations and marketing, maintaining the supply stock, and implementing procedures that keep the practice running.


All of these responsibilities can seem a bit overwhelming, so here are a few tips that can help you to make the workload a bit more manageable:

1. Dental office manager training and CE

Dental management courses and continuing education offer enormous value to the dental office manager. They teach you hard skills like the management of finances and how to keep a supply inventory, but most importantly, they teach you soft skills like knowing how to hire the best staff and developing your leadership skills. Not to mention, they are necessary to help you stay compliant with dental regulatory body requirements. You can check AADOM’s CE courses here.

2. Invest in your team

Make sure to invest the time, energy, and money it takes to create a great team. Have regular meetings with them, be clear about your expectations, and remember to celebrate positive outcomes. Hire mindfully, making sure that you recruit people who align with your practice’s values, and take the time to train them in your procedures and working culture. Also, help your team stay up to date with procedures by providing ongoing training.

3. Remain up to date with technology

This means not only updating your tools and dental equipment to have the latest technology of the industry and improving the care you provide to patients, but also implementing managing software that will help you manage personnel hours, patient relations, inventory, and other tasks that can be automated.

4. Keep in touch with your patients

With new and existing patients, it’s important to keep them coming into the practice. Marketing plays a key role in keeping a dental office running with a constant flow of patients. Creating an impactful website, sending reminders to patients when their check-up is due, and posting regular office updates on social media are some of the ways in which you can reach your patients. Additionally, track where your patients are coming from and participate in those channels.

5. Inventory management

Dentistry is one of the professions that require consistency in your inventory, and you know how overwhelming it can be when you run out of important supplies. Using an inventory management system helps you keep track of all supplies and gives you regular metrics of your consumption. It controls expiration dates and minimum and maximum supply levels. In addition, remember to manage your inventory budget regularly and make guided choices for new acquisitions.

6. Recycle dental scrap

Managing dental waste is also one of the responsibilities of a dental office manager. But dental scrap is a special kind of waste as it can be an excellent way to generate a passive income for a dental practice. Dental scrap contains precious metals that can be recycled, and dental offices can earn thousands of dollars a year by sending it to a specialized dental refiner, not to mention that it mitigates the environmental impact of dental practices. Click this link to learn more about dental scrap recycling.

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