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How to Choose the Best Silver Refinery

If you are looking for a silver refinery to sell your precious metal scrap, you might have found that it can be difficult to choose between all the options that are available, so here’s a complete guide on how to sell silver scrap and find the best silver refinery.

looking for the best Silver Refinery?

What is a silver refinery?

Silver refineries are precious metals refineries that buy scrap silver from people and refine it to be re-inserted on the market. 

They do this by melting the silver and, if necessary, treating it with chemicals in order to separate it from other precious metals that might be mixed in with it.

You can actually recycle silver from many sources, like old jewelry, dental implants, x-ray film, tableware, and more. Each of these will need a specific process to separate the silver from other precious metals and from unvaluable materials.

How to choose a silver refinery?

There are many companies out there offering their refining services and promising that they are the best in the market. The truth is that that is easy to say and hard to prove. So when choosing a silver refinery there are 5 things you should consider.

5 things all Silver Refineries should have


Be a Direct refiner. It would surprise you how many of the biggest names in the industry are just brokers that do not refine the precious metals themselves. By working with a direct refinery, you can get up to 95% of the value of your scrap, whereas a middle man will keep up to the 70% of the value.


Be environmentally friendly. This is important because if you are recycling your silver it makes no sense to work with a company that doesn’t care about the environment. Look for a company that is EPA compliant and takes this matter seriously.


Be accurate on returns. Some refineries don’t use the most accurate assay methods, which might end up in you getting paid less for your precious metals. Make sure that the refinery you choose uses the fire assay test combined with IPC to get the most precise result. In our case, we use the latest technologies and refining techniques and guarantee we will generate the highest yields in the industry, resulting in the highest returns. Find more about our process here.


Full transparency. In the precious metal refining industry, transparency is a big issue. Core Scientific was founded with the intention to change the industry and make it transparent. You will find many silver refineries that will not provide you full transparency, hide part of the precious metals they found in the assay report, not provide verification of weights and a long etc. To make it simpler, we can tell you our standard, and recommend you to don’t set for less: we provide you a customer portal with 24/7 access online where you can follow our refining process, see pictures of your material, verify weights, access full assay reports and track settlements.


Credibility. We are an INC 5,000 company, one of the fastest private-growing companies in the US, and we got this far with a simple concept, putting our clients first and full transparency. Having experience in this industry is fundamental because it will tell you that a company can do its job. Also, looking for online reviews of previous customers can be a very good indicator that the refinery is trustworthy.

What can you expect from the process of selling your scrap silver to a silver refinery:

  • You contact the refinery telling that you have some silver to send.
  • They either give you the details to send it or, in some cases, they send you a free shipping label or containers. In our case, we cover all shipping costs and provide all recycling containers.
  • When your material arrives to the facility, they will process it and get back to you with the outcome and a price. 
  • Finally, they pay you with the method of your choice.

What will truly make a difference is the silver recycler you choose to work with. 

If you have some scrap silver waiting to be recycled, Contact us! At Core Scientific, we make refining easy for you. We are a direct precious metal refinery specialized in silver refining with years of experience in the sector and a reputation for giving the Highest Returns!

looking for the best Silver Refinery?



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