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Gold Refinery in Utah

Utah, also known as the state with the “greatest snow on Earth,” is one of the states with the best living status. Utah is one of the leading states in terms of gold mining, generating about 715 tons of gold a year. But the interesting part is that this gold is produced as a byproduct of the mining of other metals, like silver, zinc, copper, and lead. The biggest gold producer in the state, and also one of the largest in the country, is a copper mine called Bingham Canyon. Gold is important here, but gold refineries in Utah are not such a big deal. 

Looking for the best gold refinery?

Actually, Utah’s economy is highly diversified and includes major sectors such as transportation, government services, tourism, and a huge technology industry. In fact, one out of every 14 flash memory chips in the world is produced in Lehi, Utah. But the state’s biggest export is metal manufacturing, with US$6.4 billion goods exported in 2020.

One big advantage in Utah regarding gold is the taxes. It is very easy to invest in precious metals tax-free in this state, like bars, coins, rounds, and anything else that contains at least 50% of precious metal are not taxed. Besides that, the number of pawnshops listed in the Yellow Pages is 163, which is quite high considering the low population density.

With all this gold business running, there’s no wonder you are looking for a gold refinery in Utah. We saved you some time and put together the top results on Google:

  • Cascade Refining, Inc., 4.7 stars with 18 reviews 
  • Intermountain Gold Refiners, 5.0 stars with 13 reviews
  • Asahi Refining USA Inc, 4.3 stars with 4 reviews
  • Brassy Red with no reviews

As you might observe by their number of reviews, these refineries don’t operate on a national level. A countrywide leader of gold refining would hold a higher number of reviews with a high star average, like Core Scientific, which has 43 reviews with 4.6 stars.

When you look for a gold refinery in Utah, what you are really searching for is the best gold refinery to work with. You might think that selling locally is safer, but that is not the case. As the leader of the industry, Core Scientific is able to provide you and your materials with superior security procedures, without costing you more. If you need more information about gold refineries, check these articles:

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