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Cash for dental scrap

Trying to get some cash for your dental scrap? Your dental scrap is worth a lot more than what a cash buyer is offering you.

Before explaining what a cash buyer and middlemen are in the industry, you can learn everything you need about selling dental scrap here.

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Cash for dental scrap – what is a cash buyer in the dental scrap industry?

Whether you are a dental professional who has a bunch of dental scrap to sell, or an individual who found an old dental crown in a drawer, you need this information before selling dental scrap.

There are different types of dental scrap or dental gold buyers. Cash buyers on the spot are people who offer to buy your dental scrap at the moment without assaying it. Of course, it can seem convenient at the time to get some quick cash for materials you might otherwise throw away, but based on our analysis, you might actually be losing over 70% or more of the value of your dental scrap.

A cash buyer is just a middlemen in the dental scrap industry. They will pay you a specific amount based on the weight of your material, or directly take a look at it and pay you on the gold (which they can spot easily). The reality is that palladium is found in dental scrap more often than gold, and it is a metal that is quite more valuable than gold, worth over $1,000 more than an ounce of gold at this moment. You cannot eye-ball palladium, and you cannot define the value of the dental scrap gold just by taking a look at it. This is how this middlemen or cash buyers make a huge profit, by paying you $300 when they then go to a direct refinery like us and make easily 10 times more. 



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