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Core Scientific Precious Metals Recycling program is committed to refining a wide range of non-organic, post-cremation materials and pacemakers. We bring a high level of accuracy and efficiency to processing materials for over 500 crematories and funeral homes – across the U.S. and Canada. Our dedicated staff provide logistical assistance, collection best practices and exceptional customer service – 24/7.

Why work with Core Scientific?

Discover the Core Scientific difference by working with the leading refinery in the funeral and cremation industries.

  • Educates you on the proper handling and separation of your material to produce the highest yield
  • Delivers exceptional quality control and efficiency for a stress free customer experience
  • Single point of contact for all of your logistics and settlements
  • Provides the highest most competitive returns in the industry
  • Recycles your post-cremation materials and pacemakers with the utmost care and respect to you and the environment
Working with Core Scientific

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