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Cover your dental association fees by refining your dental scrap with a direct refiner where you could generate 2 to 5 times more in dental scrap returns. 

There is a huge difference in money paid by cash buyers and what is paid by going direct to the refinery. Even if you are working with another refiner, we are known to pay the highest returns in the industry. Above are some of the amazing results we obtained for our clients:

    Many dentists are unaware of the real value of their dental scrap, and in an opaque
    industry with many providers acting as middlemen and many of the direct refiners severely lacking transparency, it is quite common for us to find new clients that experience 200-300% increase in their returns after switching to Core Scientific.

    We made dental scrap refining simple.



    24/7 available online portal where you can:

    Verify weights

    View photos of your material

    Track current and historical settlement records from one or multiple clinics