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Gold karat calculator – core scientific

We decided to build this comprehensive gold karat calculator to help you make smart decisions when refining your precious metals by choosing the right provider.

Core Scientific is a direct refiner, we provide the highest returns in the industry, and will be happy to hear from you to explain and negotiate our rates.

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How do you calculate the karat of gold?

Karat is the unit to measure the purity of gold. You can calculate the percentage of purity of gold dividing the Karat value by 24. See below:

Karat Percentage
6 25%
8 33%
9 38%
10 42%
12 50%
14 58%
16 67%
18 75%
20 83%
21 88%
22 92%
24 100%


After knowing the purity, apply that percentage to the weight and multiply it by the market price of gold.


Market Price Golf: $1,800 Market Price Golf: $1,800
Weight: 1 Ounce Weight: 1 Ounce
Karat: 24 Karat: 16
Gold Purity Percentage: 100% Gold Purity Percentage: 67%
Value: $1,800 Value: $1,206


But you don’t have to worry about the mathematics behind it at this moment, just use our gold karat calculator above, safe time and get an estimated value and quote from us!


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