Weight: Why is it important?

Weight: Why is it important?

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Do you weigh your dental scrap? If you answered no this article is for you.

Weighing your dental scrap is important because it protects you. Why, because it’s the only way you can verify where you’re getting the best return. For the same reason why you wouldn’t go into a bank with an envelope of cash, and have the bank count it, without counting it first, yourself. Knowing what you have is key to making sure you’re working with the best refiner.

We have worked with thousands of companies that were ‘duped’. They received far less on their dental scrap, and sadly didn’t even know it. For example, one customer sent to ‘Company A’ 10 oz. and received $1000, and sent approximately the same 10 oz. to us and received $2500. That’s not a small discrepancy; it’s a LARGE one.

They heard, “well it’s because they never run the same”. That would be true if it varied by a couple hundred dollars but not that large of a discrepancy.

So, how can you protect yourself?

  • Weigh out your dental scrap before you send it to your refiner
  • Make sure your refiner sends you a notification on the incoming weight of your dental scrap
  • Ensure the paperwork clearly states the weight of what was processed
  • Find out if processing is done on-site, so you aren’t working with a middle man

We’ve heard many refiners do not provide paperwork on the weight of what was used and processed. By weighing it yourself, you know exactly what was sent and received. Also if you choose to send equal amounts to say ‘Company A’ and us, you’ll find out which refiner is paying you the best return.

It’s all about protecting yourself, and ensuring you work with a trusting, reliable refiner.

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