Below you will find commonly asked questions that help highlight the many benefits of using a professional precious metals refinery company like Core Scientific. With the most advanced metal refining technology and our state-of-the-art facilities you can count of profiting from the highest yields.


I Work with Someone who Pays Me in Cash.  Why Should I Change?

Without analyzing the material, a cash buyer can not make an accurate estimate of the value. Also, the cash buyer is a middleman.  Your return increases when you work direct with a refiner. Simply put, there’s no telling how much profit your business is missing out on this way.

How Can One Refiner Return More Money Than Another?

1)    Of course, the return rate is important.  Refiners compete for business by offering higher percentages of the total precious metal value.

2)    If a refiner reports a higher amount of precious metal in the material, the return will be better!  In this case, even a slightly lower return rate can sometimes pay out a greater settlement, because they’ve found more precious metal.

3)    Core Scientific, uses with state-of-the-art analysis techniques, and dynamic, competitive return rates to maximize returns.

Do You Process Low-Grade?

Yes.  We process many materials from different industries, including different forms of low-grade scrap. Low-grade often has low amounts of precious metal, but with a high enough volume, we will extract a substantial yield.  We accept carpeting, dust and vacuum bags, polishing dust, gold filled, gold plated, and we pay rates just as competitive as for karat scrap.

Even the Carpet?

Yes! After a number of years, airborne dust settles on your carpet and will be pushed into it by foot traffic.  Some workplaces lay down runner rugs for just this reason, to catch precious metals.  Alternatively,  when the carpet is being changed, or the business is moving / closing, the carpet in nearby and high traffic areas can be removed and sent straight in!  Call our office for more information on shipping.


How Can We Get Started?

Call our office at 877-308-2388, or use our “contact” page to enter your contact information and request a shipping container.  By text, email, phone, we’re ready to answer questions and guide you through our process.

Does your Company Pay for Shipping?

Yes we do. We pay to send out the collection container and provide a return shipping label. We can schedule the pickup too.

I Don’t Send Out Materials Very Often.  Can We Still Work Together?

Yes!  Different business partners have had very different ideas of how often is “often enough.”  If you work with precious metal, we will compete for your business.