Core Scientific has successfully exceeded our clients expectations when it comes to maximizing profits throughout North America. Below you can hear first hand from a few customers why our successful metal refining services have enhanced profits and kept them engaged in long-term relationships with Core Scientific.


Dishonest refiners left me discouraged to look for a better rate.  I tried Core Scientific and got the better return they told me I would get.  It was simple.  I’m sure we’ll be working together for a long time.

Ahmet S.
– Peoria, Illinois


…these guys are easy to talk to and they do what they say they’ll do!

Rose J.
– Toronto


Working with Core Scientific, I learned a little more about how a refinery works.  I could prepare my materials for their screening better, and got a better return because of it.

Dan A.
– Chicago, Il


Core Scientific handled our high volumes with prompt professionalism at every step.  I recommend them highly for industrial-grade refining work.

Steven R.
– Philadelphia, Pennsylvania



I did not know that separating my materials could mean a quicker return.  Mark really took his time and explained how.

Jo W.
– Houston, TX



I honestly didn’t believe the check I got.

Jim F.
– Charolette, N. Carolina



Silver prices are down, so I hung on to my scrap for the last couple years, then I tried these guys. I got more back than I used to get!

Stan G.
– Oklahoma City