The Most Significant Change Affecting Your Dental Scrap Return

The increase of “cash for gold” or “cash buying” operations is significantly affecting dental scrap returns. As gold and silver prices rise, dealers and cash buyers are coming into dental practices offering a deal for the dental scrap material. However, they are preying on the uninformed public. They are using the “weight and pay” method to give dentists an unfavorable return by saying this is the value of the gold based on the weight. This is inaccurate! The only way to get a true value of the gold is through a Fire Assay procedure in a laboratory. There a refiner can extract the most precious metal material and evaluate the value.

Imagine getting paid $100 for a product worth $1000. Well, that’s exactly what is happening when you use a cash buyer.

For dentists, this material isn’t “top of mind” and gets regularly given to the cash buyer because of convenience, however, collecting this material in one of our FREE collection containers and sent to our refinery is equally convenient. Get the most out of this material so you can utilize the reimbursement for equipment upgrades, new technology, advertising, employee benefits/perks – to name a few!

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