About Core Scientific

Core Scientific is committed to excellence in refining a wide range of precious metals such as gold, silver, and platinum group metals. As an industry leader, we bring our accurate refining process to jewelers, pawn shops, gold buyers, dental offices and other industries – across the nation.

Our continued success – in the precious metal refining industry – can best be attributed to our exception level of detail and unparalleled technical expertise.

Core Scientific understands the need to earn and keep your trust. That is why we are dedicated to superior customer service and higher returns than our competitors.

To insure you are satisfied with our service, Core Scientific has assembled the best sales and customer associates in the industry. They will guide you throughout the process from scheduling the shipment of your container to quickly processing your return.


The Core Scientific Difference


Does your current refiner use state-of-the-art technology and refining methods?

We do.

Does your current refiner process your high-grade material in 2-3 business days?

We do.

Does your current refiner recover the most precious metals?

We do.

Does your current refiner value customer service?

We do.

We are committed to time and time again to giving our customers the highest returns on their precious metals. Work with us and discover The Core Scientific Difference.


Superior Service To Meet Your Needs

Clients that have chosen us, stay with us.

At Core Scientific, we know the success of our company depends on you, our customers.

As a full-service refiner, we strive to bring superior customer service to meet your needs. From the moment you work with us, we are committed to getting you the highest return possible. That is why we keep our rates consistent and competitive, and NO additional fees for assay, refining or precious stone removal.

Core Scientific serves many different industries, such as:

  • Jewelers / Jewelry repair
  • Pawnshops / Gold buyers
  • Dental offices
  • Dental Laboratories
  • Aerospace
  • Medical Device Manufacturers
  • Technology & Computers
  • Film labs
  • Pawn brokers

We understand that your business is busy, and that’s why our dedicated customer associates handle everything from the moment your container is shipped to Core Scientific. After careful photo documenting the contents of your package under strict security protocol, we contact you with a confirmation of your package’s arrival and an estimated date of completion. This level of service is why our customers look forward to working with us!