Precious Metal Refinery Refining


Receipt of Materials

The precious metals refining process begins when you ship your dental scrap to Core Scientific. Core Scientific pays for all of the shipping costs – click here for more info. After carefully photo documenting the contents of your package under strict security protocol, we contact you with a confirmation of your package’s arrival and an estimated date of completion.


Primary Melt

Before the primary melt, we do a preliminary screening of your precious metals.  We use a ball mill to crush the material and extract the maximum yield of precious metals.  This first melt is used to remove some base metals and organic material using our own proprietary compounds, expelling impurities to the slag.


Classical Fire Assay

The fire assay is universally accepted as the high standard for valuing gold in refineries.  It is an artful practice of balancing flux and other chemical compounds to separate the precious metals in multiple samples and average precious metal content percentages.




ICP-Mass Spectrometry Analysis

In short, Inductively Coupled Plasma (ICP) – Mass Spectrometry ionizes the sample to isolate certain ions and identify them. This form of mass spectrometry is the latest development in the most precise analysis method, and it’s our way of ensuring the most accurate analysis of your precious metals available.



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