Precious Metal Refinery Refining


Receipt of Materials

Our efficient precious metals refining process begins when you ship your precious metal scrap to Core Scientific. This scrap includes dental scrap (gold, silver or platinum crowns or porcelain-fused-to-metal crowns) or high or low-grade precious metals scrap (gold, silver, or platinum group metals, bench sweeps, fillings etc.) Unlike most companies, Core Scientific pays for all of the shipping and receiving costs for your materials. Request a free collection container.  Once we receive your materials we will carefully document and weigh the contents of your package under strict security protocol.  This information will be provided to you with a confirmation of your package’s arrival and an estimated date of completion.


Primary Melt

Before the primary melt, we do a preliminary screening of your precious metals scrap.  We use a ball mill to crush the material which will extract the maximum amount of precious metals from your lot.  This primary melt is used to remove some base metals and organic material. This expells impurity from your lot.


Classical Fire Assay

The second step in the process is the fire assay. It is the highest standard for evaluating precious metals in industry.  A fire assay extracts the most precious metals from your materials.




ICP-Mass Spectrometry Analysis

Another step in the process is Inductively Coupled Plasma (ICP) – Mass Spectrometry. This analyzes the sample and isolates certain ions to identify them. It provides the most precise analysis method and is the best way to get the most accurate analysis of your precious metals available.



Your settlement report will be sent along with your payment. You can find and download your current and past settlement reports, in our customer portal.

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