Working with A Cash Buyer

By now you are probably selling your dental crowns one of two ways:

a.) “Cash buyer” This is a person that comes into your office or a location that evaluates your dental scrap, and gives you cash on the spot.

b.) “Refiner” This is a local or national precious metals refiner that you send your dental scrap to. After performing a fire assay and extracting the precious metals, from the scrap, sends you a return based on the amount of the retrieved metals.

Selling locally, to a cash buyer or pawnshop, may seem like the best option however as more and more of these outlets and individuals spring up, they are taking more of the value of your dental scrap, for themselves.

Foundry - molten metal poured from ladle into mould - emptying leftover

The biggest disadvantages to selling locally are:

  • With gold crowns, the buyer can’t be sure of the purity of the precious metals. So they can only provide a price based on the lowest estimate that they think it contains. Plus they don’t pay you on the palladium and silver content either.
  • In the case of PFM (Porcelain Fused to Metal) or “white” crowns, without a fire assay performed in a lab, it’s impossible for them to know if any of the PFM is precious metals. So in cases where there is, they typically only pay out 10% of the value.

Work with a “refiner”

  1. Cut Out The Middleman

When you do business with a refiner you are in effect “cutting out the middleman.” Most local cash buyers and pawn shops just turn around and send your dental scrap to refining companies, like us. So why not just send it to a refiner on your own and get the better payout rate for yourself?

  1. An Exact Analysis of Your Dental Scrap

The benefit of working with most refiners is that you will receive the classic fire assay. With Core Scientific, we go a step further with a multi-step process:

  • Initial screening of your material
  • Primary melt
  • Classic Fire Assay
  • Inductively Coupled Plasma (ICP) – Mass Spectrometry.

This scientific testing documents exactly what type and quantity of precious metals your dental scrap contains. This means you get paid the maximum on your material. And not just for the gold, but also for the other precious metals found in PFM such as (platinum, palladium, silver).

You greatly benefit by working with a refiner. Choose the right refiner. Learn more about Core Scientific and why our customers continue to use us.

Don’t Throw Out! Reasons to Keep your PFM crowns

Help Me, Help You!

Every time I speak with a customer, I ask, “What can Core Scientific do to assist you?” In one of my recent conversations, my customer responded, “You are in a unique position to help us help ourselves, by educating us about our dental crown scrap. In the past, I was throwing away our PFM (Porcelain Fused to Metal) dental crowns, not knowing that this scrap was worth anything. I didn’t stop until I spoke with you.”

Believe it or not, this is a common conversation with customers. They had been throwing away the PFM or “white” crowns for years, missing out on the value they could get from the precious metals.


As a leading refiner, I want to share our knowledge about the value of PFM crowns. Depending on the porcelain used, some crowns may not contain precious metals (like chromium) however, many times they do (and it’s quite valuable). Although these are not quite as valuable as a gold crown they still have significant value.

How do you know if the PFM crown has precious metals?

Well, this isn’t something you can tell with the naked eye. Many dentists are unaware if the dental crowns contain precious metals without sending them to a refiner.

  • A refiner has the processes in place to test and accurately extract the most precious metals out of the dental crown. This is not true of cash buyers who come into your office. Typically cash buyers pay “pennies on the dollar” on this type of material, and make huge margins for themselves.
  • Without an in-house laboratory, they can’t give you a definite on a number of precious metals in your crowns. And many times, they tell you “there aren’t any precious metals in there” however will turn around and send to us. Taking all of the value that should be going to you. Lots of customers get shortchanged because they are unaware.

That’s why the best way is to collect the crowns, in one of our free shipping containers, and send it to us. We take care of the shipping costs and provide a complimentary return label.

Do not throw away! Collect. Send. Refine. Get A Higher Return.