Industrial refining techniques can be put to use to retrive more precious metals from dental material.

Core Scientific is committed to providing the dental and jewelry industry with the highest quality precious metals refining service in the business. Our precious metals refining process and melting techniques reflect the highest possible standards for accuracy and consistency. When you send your scrap material to Core Scientific, you are getting a modernized in-house laboratory dedicated to getting you the highest return possible. In fact, we truly believe that when you refine with us, you receive more money than with your current refiner. Request a FREE shipping kit today or contact us via our Customer Service Department at (877) 308-2388 or We are happy to discuss the many benefits of choosing our services and answer any questions you might have to improve your process.

  • Dental Materials

    Core Scientific educates dentists on how to maximize their returns on extracted dental crowns. Many dental offices throw away their extractions or sell them to unscrupulous cash buyers. When you send your dental crowns to Core Scientific, we conduct a full analysis on the refined material. How does this impact you? You can receive hundreds or in some cases thousands more on your return!

    Sell Dental Scrap

  • An Industrial Refiner

    Have you considered sending in Filter bags, sweeps, and carpeting. These low grade materials take up to 15 business days to process. Bullion - dry, directly meltable metallics, casting scrap, bars, flake, filings and scrap from Dental offices. These materials are processed within 3-5 business days, for a quick return.

    We Set The Standard

  • Diverse Techniques

    We work with the latest technology. Fire assay: the most suitable method for the determination of gold and silver and the standard for commercial transactions in the precious metals industry. We also utilize Classical Wet Chemistry, ICP-OES and X-ray Fluorescence Spectroscopy

    Our Unique Process